What is a ZV Crew Zumba® Class?

Zumba® classes with the ZV Crew are a little bit different then your average Zumba® Fitness Class.  We always make sure our classes are Fun, but we also ensure that they’re Safe.

  • We take time to make sure our participants are properly warmed up by doing Range of Motion exercises to begin class, then we slowly increase heart rate and body temperature.
  • We give modifications throughout the class so all fitness levels feel safe, comfortable, and included.
  • We cool the body down after the aerobic section of class, bringing the heart rate down gradually and returning the body temperature to normal.
  • We include abdominal muscle exercises to strengthen and tone.
  • We spend time doing essential stretches to allow the muscles to return to their resting length, helping to relieve tight muscles and prevent injury.

All ZV Crew instructors are BCRPA or canfitpro registered Group Fitness Instructors.

Participants LOVE our classes and the personal connection they get from our instructors.  It is not unusual to hear testimonials on the impact Zumba® has had on people's short and long-term fitness objectives and the overall health benefits of dance fitness.

Our Zumba® classes feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. It is the mixture of these body sculpting movements, easy to follow dance steps and the energy and excitement of our ZV Crew instructors that make our classes so much fun.
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