To welcome my son back from an adventure to South America and Antarctica, I planned a Latin-themed party for his friends and their parents. As a special surprise, Denise came and led a Zumba® session after dinner. We pushed back the chairs and sofas to transform my living room into an impromptu dance studio. Everyone had a wonderful time and nearly a year later people are still commenting on the memorable time they had learning Latin dancing-style moves without the pressure of following or leading a partner. I had worked for days on food for the party, but the dancing made the occasion, thanks to Denise's music, skill, and delightful way of involving everyone and making the dances seem easy. ~ Nancy-architect

Zumba® is absolutley THE MOST FUN I've ever had exercising. Ever. It doesn't actually feel like exercise, it feels like a fabulous dance party with the best DJ in town. Denise's energy is so infectious that I work my schedule around her class time. ~ Michelle, 40, consultant and mama

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