All our instructors are trained in ZUMBA® and are BCRPA or CanFit Pro Registered Group Fitness Instructors.

Now Hiring Zumba® Instructors- Must be Group Fitness Certified (with BCRPA, Can fit Pro or ACE) and be a ZIN member. Dance and Fitness background an asset. Please send resume to our contact info.

Denise Galay

Owner of ZV Crew - I am known for my high-energy fitness classes which leave you feeling revitalized and ready for anything. I combine more than 15 years experience teaching and performing African, Brazilian, and Caribbean dance, with a passion for music to create a dynamic, unforgettable fitness experience. 

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Janet McLeish

I am an innovative, Canadian born ZUMBA® instructor who has been teaching dance for over 8 years throughout Canada. My eclectic style incorporates African, Latin, Modern, Jazz, Middle Eastern, Hip Hop Funk, Ballet, Contemporary, Disco, Calypso into a perfect blended and exciting aerobic workout.

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Nada-Al-Janaby (Nadi)

Staying active and having fun have always been important to me, so when I discovered ZUMBA® I knew that this was the answer to my search for perfect balance in my life. I love to dance! And now with ZUMBA® I keep fit doing what I love. 

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Kate Douglass

I took my first dance class at 11 years old and have never looked back. I studied jazz, ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, tap, salsa, and have dabbled in bollywood and hip hop.  I fell in love with ZUMBA® after taking a workshop with Janet and Nadi, and decided I'd like to branch out in my career and teach something that makes people feel so good. 

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Luglio Romero

As a native of Costa Rica, Merengue and Salsa have been part of my movement vocabulary since I was 5 years old. I studied dance at Simon Fraser University and went on to perform for Ballet Clàsico de Costa Rica, Ballet Victoria, Off-Dance Co and Canadian Pacific Ballet. My passion for dancing and performing combined with my ability to teach movement have made me a popular ZUMBA® Instructor.

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Kathy-Ann Nobbs-Thiessen

I have always had an interest in fitness, particularly dancing. I fondly remember twirling to music in my parents' basement as a little girl. In 2009, I tried my first Zumba® class and was instantly hooked. For the first time ever, I craved exercise. I soon found myself taking the training to become a Zumba® instructor, and now teach Zumba all over Vancouver.

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Laura Gordon

Dance and fitness are some of my greatest passions, so when I discovered Zumba naturally I fell in love! I am a classically trained dancer, certified Nutritionist and passionate instructor. Get ready for groovy choreo, booty shaking moves and a high energy workout!

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Tamara Aven

I believe that by being open, silly, creative, and energetic, my participants and I create an environment where we are all free to be ourselves, without the everyday responsibilities of life weighing us down. As a result of feeling free, we are able to then step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to try something new, to explore our creative side, and to see what our bodies are able to do.

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Antonia Nowtash

I was born and raised in Lake Como, Italy. Dance has always been a part of my life, in various forms. I took my first Zumba ® class with Denise Galay in Vancouver over 5 years ago, as after the birth of my second child I was looking for a fun and effective workout to get back in shape. I loved it and I got hooked! I am very passionate about teaching Zumba® now, for many different reasons.

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Jami Claveria

Passionate about health and fitness, I strive to make physical activity an essential part of my life. From a very young age I fell in love with dance and gymnastics so naturally I was drawn to the high energy and fun workout that Zumba® embodies. I found myself replacing my other cardio workouts with Zumba®.

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Grace Wilson

When I was first introduced to Zumba I was shocked by how much I looked forward to every class. It was a time where I could be free to be creative and silly as I was dancing with others. In University, I was apart of a Mambo and East Indian dance group and love integrating a range of latin music as well as high energy bhangra and bollywood music in my classes.

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Alisha Waller

My goal is to have my participants leave every class feeling happy, confident and free! Every person who does Zumba with me becomes part of my Zumba family and I am thankful that we all get to dance with each other in a safe and accepting environment.

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Vikki Flynn

Upon leaving college I took my first Zumba class and instantly fell in love and went straight home and booked myself onto an instructor training course. I had been teaching zumba and dance in London-England since 2011 before moving to Vancouver in January.

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Giselle Villar

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