Instructors : Tanya Maglio

I took my first ZUMBA® class in Mexico while visiting my sister in the Yucatán. I had such a blast and thought to myself "I could teach this back home". I have always loved to dance and felt I was of Latin descent in my past life because I sure know how to move those hips!

Born and raised in Vancouver and being a true west-coast girl – health, sports and fitness have forever been a part of my life. Having been part of the lululemon design and product development team for 6.5 years also helped instill in me that having an active lifestyle is an essential part of being truly successful!

I have tried several types of fitness and dance classes throughout my years, and realized the only ones that kept me coming back were classes that were fun and exhilarating. To me, ZUMBA® is both of those things and more. What is better than an hour of great cardio, incredible music, confidence boosting and liberating moves?

Come and join me – I promise this dynamic total body workout will keep you coming back for more!

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